The Theophilos Museum


The Theophilos Museum is located in Vareia, the birthplace and childhood residence of folk painter Theophilos. This museum was built through the donation of famous art publisher Stratis Eleftheriades, from Mytilini. This Museum was built in 1964 and in the next year Eleftheriades donated the Museum to the Municipality of Mytilini along with 86 works by Theophilos, all works from Eleftheriades’ private collection. The building was constructed of Mytilinian stone with a pomegranate pigment, in full harmony with the vast olive grove surrounding it. It has four halls hosting art by Theophilos. His painting topics were drawn from history, mythology and folklore. We can see many scenes from everyday and agrarian life, scenery and imposing historic figures, such Alexander the Great, Constantine Paleologus and the heroes of the Greek War of Independence of 1821.



Address: Vareia, 81100, Lesvos

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Region Mytilini

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