The Carnivals on Lesvos


The carnival customs in Greece are very deeply-rooted, one of the most ancient reenactments of ceremonial rituals. Despite the many similarities among the numerous carnivals in many Greek cities, towns, villages and islands, the Lesvian Carnival is one of a kind. The most popular venues of the Lesvian Carnival are Agiasos, Antissa, Aghia Paraskevi, Mesotopos and Mytilini. The Agiasos Carnival is unique in its theatrical performances where current events are satirized in the old, traditional way. Especially famous are the so-called “tripsimata”, songs with humorous and erotic lyrics. The Antissa Carnival offers to its numerous guests plenty of wine, local mezedes and lots of traditional dancing. Antissa is also famous for its many young revelers going about masqueraded, teasing any visitor they come upon. The Aghia Paraskevi carnival is very interesting too, as the locals go about the streets masqueraded singing in their local dialect. Mesotopos is famous for the “Koudounatoi”, i.e. mostly men who wear cowbells and carry phallic symbols on their heads. They sing songs in the central square with risqué lyrics and very saucy jokes in the local dialect. Finally, the Mytilini Carnival is just as fun as it is accompanied by a number of musical and dance events, theatrical activities, etc.

Region Agiasos, Eresos - Antissa, Mytilini

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