Rush Broom

Rush broom (“sparto”) is found throughout the entire island, especially in coastal zones and sometimes further inland for example, Vatousa and Antissa. This is a shrub, 1 to 4 m tall with many upright, green and lean branches. Its flowers are yellow and very aromatic. Its black spores are clustered in lobes. This plant blooms between April and July.

This is an aromatic plant, with pharmaceutical applications; it is bee-friendly, used in fiber crops, and decorative uses. The flower extract contains essential oils of an exquisite quality, suitable for cosmetics production. Its shoots have cardio-stimulant properties. However, excessive consumption by animals may cause them severe intoxication. It also has anti-diabetic, diuretic, laxative, menstrual stimulant and anti-proteinuric properties. The spores are poisonous.