The Black Pine

The black pine forests are sparse and may only be found in only two regions of Lesvos, namely, Western Lesvos, on Profitis Ilias Mountain and in the southeastern part of Lesvos between Agiasos and Megalohori on Psilokoudouno Mountain, a part of the Olympus mountain range. The understory in black pine forests is relatively poor in both coverage rate and number of species. Many species are part of this understory with prevalence of Jupinerus oxycedrus, bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) and herbaceous species such as Aira elegantissima, Crucianella latifolia, Luzula nodulosa, Trifolium campestre and many others. It should be emphasized that Rhododendron luteum is part of the understory of the black pine forests close to the Profitis Ilias Mount summit.