The Yellow Rhododendron

The yellow azalea (Rhododendron Luteum sweet) or yellow rhododendron is a prevalent species on Lesvos, more than any other location in Europe. In particular, this azalea grows among the towns Parakoila, Anemotia, Pterounda, Hidira and Vatousa. This is a rare flowering annual species of an upright bush, growing as tall as 4.5 m with offshoots, beautiful yellow five-part flowers, with a sweet fragrance. The leaves are oblong, grey-green and protruding. Its wood has a white-yellow color. It belongs to the toxic species. The yellow azalea grows almost exclusively in wet and fertile sand-clay soils. The locals use this plant as firewood, while its aromatic flowers are the best floral decoration of the Good Friday Epitaphios liturgical shroud.