Ambeliko is built on the western foot of Mount Olympus in the south part of Lesvos at an altitude of 354 m, 38 km from Mytilini and 20 km from Plomari. It is regarded as one of most ancient settlements of this island since it seems to be first inhabited in the third century BC. The village was initially named Baccheon, built in the Rougada vicinity. However, a pirate raid forced the inhabitants to abandon this area and move to the present location. The modern name of this village hails from the numerous local vineyards (“ambeli”=vine).

The medieval Gateluso Tower dominates the town center, measuring 26 m in height, built in the 15th century. In the low-lying part of this settlement one may find the renovated parish church of Aghios Nikolaos (18th century), including all the museums (Folklore, Church and Resin Collection). Additionally the village is surrounded by 23 chapels, the oldest one of which was built in 1680. The visitors have the opportunity to stay in either of two accommodation facilities for free. There is also a sports center (football, basketball, volleyball) and coffee houses serving traditional meals.

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