Kalloni Bay (Natura Protected Area)


Kalloni Bay is the biggest of two natural gulfs in Lesvos. It is right in the center of the island and is connected with the Aegean Sea through a shallow and narrow strait 4 km in length. It is shallow since its maximum depth is 20 m, average depth is 10 m, measuring 110 sq.km in area. This bay becomes really important during the bird migration season, as numerous birds build their nests here or just bypass it flying to their destinations; almost all of these birds are protected species. The main species accommodated in this bay are Eurasian coots, pied avocets, Eurasian stone-curlews, ruddy shelducks, white storks, pink flamingoes, European shags, etc. Kalloni Bay is also one of the most important fishing sites in Greece. It is well known for its shellfish such as pectens, cockles, oysters and many fish species, such as flounders, flathead grey mullets and its famous Kalloni sardines.

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