Kalochtistos Apothika


Kalochtistos (or Rodotoixos or Kalos Toixos) is located close to the entry into Kalloni Bay in the Apothika vicinity. This is an Archaic Era retaining wall, built according to the Lesvian style, its characteristic masonry feature being the natural (somewhat faulty) splicing of each stone’s convex sides. The stone joints were crafted through the use of a lead ruler. Besides the technical significance, the Lesvian building style added an artful character to the buildings. Kalokhtistos was erected as a retaining wall to hold the backfill from the sanctuary’s expansion. Its orientation is northeast to southwest. The surface ceramic findings in this area provided evidence of the long history of the temple’s operation. Taking into account the neighboring castle, retaining wall and defense wall ruins on the same slope of this hill, it appears that the wider area served as the town’s seaport with strong defense fortifications. To the west of this area the little Panayia Church occupies a commanding position built with stones extracted from past buildings. Prospective excavations studies may shed light on the interpretation of this monument and the wider area of this significant Lesvos sanctuary dating back to archaic times.


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