“Lefka” Women’s Agrotourist Cooperative at Agra


Their love for their hometown and their devotion to traditional Lesvian cuisine played the most important role in the creation of the “Lefka” Women’s Agrotourist Cooperative at Agra. Its name originated from the geographical distinction of upper and lower Agra, lower Agra also known as “Lefka”. The products prepared here are mostly hand-made pasta, such as orzo pasta, noodles, fideos and select trahana. Sweet fruit preserves and baked sweets are also produced, such as myzithra halvah, platsenta and its famous fried “diples” (dumplings). The fifteen members of this Cooperative may organize their own delicacies and sweets, appropriately for any type of social event.



Address:  Kalloni-Eresos Regional Road, Agra 811 05, Lesvos

Tel: (+30) 22530 95568

Mobile: (+30) 6948 646351

Region Kalloni

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