This is a mid-sized traditional settlement in the middle of the island, 42 km away from Mytilini and on an average altitude of 1345 m. The settlement was first inhabited in the 11th or 12th century. It was called Lesvorion initially, a composite of Lesvos and “orion” (“boundary” in Classical Greek), as mentioned by researcher Stavrakis Anagnoistou in his book Lesvias, since this area was the boundaries of the farmlands belonging to mythical settler Lesvos. The fertile soil here allowed residents to cultivate the land, producing aromatic anise seeds, a necessary ingredient for the local ouzo, onions, clovers, livestock products and the famous local rusks and bread made of local wheat grain. The “Kourtír” locale is verified to have sunken port installations, with an ample number of shards dating back to the Mycenaean age. Skamioudi location has Byzantine fortifications. There are many entertainment venues, rooms for rent, etc.

Region Polichnitos

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