Polichnitos is built on the southernmost point of Kalloni bay, at an altitude of 105 m and 46 km from Mytilini. The settlement is the merging of various smaller settlements and this union gave its name (“polichni” = small town). This is a tightly-built town, with Western elements and neoclassical motifs – e.g. the 19th century industrial buildings – and structural forms from the Orient. The streets in Polichnitos are cobblestone alleys, preserved in pristine condition through repairs and conservation efforts.  There are many buildings worth mentioning such as the Church-owned Olive Oil Press in the town square, with its unique chimney and stork nests. In recent years this building has been turned in a cultural Multicenter. The Public School is another such building built in 1929-1932, the Court of the Peace House, the old coffee house and the Mosque, housing the local post office. Equally important is the Aghios Georgios Church, a typical specimen of local Lesvian three-aisled basilica and its special three-storied bell tower made of chiseled stones, a work of 1892.

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