The 1922 Refugee Memorial Museum at Skala Loutron


The 1922 Refugee Memorial Museum is located at Skala Loutron, in the building of the village’s Old Elementary School. The school was in a dilapidated state and had ceased to operate due to lack of students. The Prefecture decided to donate the building to the “Delfini” Asia Minor Greeks Association of Skala Loutron, who was determined to convert it into a museum exhibiting heirlooms brought by the Asia Minor refuges. Thus, 12 August 2006 marked the opening day honored by the presence of Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomaios. The museum collection is in the process of continual expansion with donations now counting at 500 exhibits, such as traditional costumes, jewelry, household items, tools, weapons used in the 1922 Asia Minor expedition, books and photographs and printed matter from that period. Each item is labeled with a description of its place of origin and the names of the owner and the donor. The founders intended to keep the historical memory alive by salvaging invaluable items belonging to refugees who were forced to abandon their households and by educating the younger generationw about the events that indelibly marked past generations.



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