The Archeological and Folklore Collection at Napi


The Archeological and Folklore Collection at Napi is located on the ground floor of the Napi Elementary School. This building was built in 1926. The ground floor was conceded to the local Community in order to house the architectural elements that were found dispersed throughout its agricultural region. The exhibition is laid out in three halls. The first hall has five Aeolian-order capitals dating from the Archaic Era, excellently preserved as well as part of column drums (from the Trouloti location). Besides the archeological collection, the popular folk tradition of this area is promoted in two halls, in which there is an exhibition of everyday utility tools used by the inhabitants, such as cooking utensils, agricultural implements, traditional costumes, furniture, etc. Due to the difficult access to this area, the Collection is not used frequently for cultural events or educational programs.



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