The Archeological Museum of Mytilini


The Archeological Museum of Mytilini is divided in two buildings: The Old Building, a mansion at the address Argyri Eftalioti 7 and the New Building in the Kioski neighborhood.

The landmark Old Building was built in 1912 by the Vournazos Family in an eclectic style to be used as a residence. This building has two upper floors and a ground floor. The first floor includes three halls and a hallway exhibiting Late Neolithic Era findings (from the Aghios Vartholomaios Cave) and the Bronze Age (Thermi), while the second floor exhibits from the 10th century BC to the 4th century BC in six halls and the hallway. In the farmhouse there are two halls with unique Aeolian-order capitals and architectural elements from significant Hellenistic and Roman buildings. The courtyard exhibits monumental sculpture from Mytilini.

The Archeological Museum New Building was opened in 1999 to house exhibits from Hellenistic and Roman Lesvos. The building was constructed in accordance with the latest museology standards. Its architecture was dictated by the steep terrain incline. Besides its archeological exhibits deployed in two main units, i.e. the permanent collections and the periodic exhibits, the museum houses also houses archeologist offices, ceramics and metal conservation workshops and storage areas for archeological findings. The permanent collection helps the museum fulfill its aim to provide a complete image of everyday social, religious, financial and political life in Lesvos between the 3rd century BC and 4th century AD. The permanent collection is presented in six museums, divided in three units: the three consecutive ground floor halls present Roman mansion floor mosaics, while the basement contains sculpture from Lesvos (such as relief decorations, portraits, full-figure sculptures). A prominent position in the permanent collection is occupied by the a 3rd century AD Roman villa named conventionally as the “Menandros Residence”, which served as the headquarters of theater troupes.

The New Building holds educational events addressed to elementary and high school students, painting exhibitions, lectures and seminars.



Address: Α. Eftalioti Street (Old Building), 8th November Street (New Building), 81100, Lesvos

Tel: (+30) 22510 28032 (Old Building),

(+30) 22510 40223, (+30) 22510 44913 (New Building)

Fax: (+30) 22510 44913

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