The Folklore Museum of Sykamnia


The Elementary School stone building in the mountainous village at Sykamnia houses a significant folklore museum. The Folklore Museum at Sykamnia is the result of the efforts and the diligence of the local villagers who safeguarded items of traditional crafts such as looms, local traditional costumes, books, etc. Furthermore, one school room seems to have remained unaltered through the years, with wooden desks and a chalk blackboard. Finally, the Folklore Museum presents heirlooms from the private collection of the great Lesvian writer Stratis Myrivilis, who hailed from Sykamnia. This collection was donated by Myrivilis’ daughter, Drosoula Angelopoulou. Among these personal items one may see the writer’s bed, two bookcases with many old books, his desk with a marble bust, his inkwell with his favorite writing pen, his typewriter, his smoking pipes, his eyeglasses and the tuxedo he wore on formal occasions hanging on a coat hanger. We can also see his mandolin and the guitar his wife, Eleni, used to play, personal photographs, original awards and portraits of famous artists. The exhibition is curated by Myrivilis’ granddaughter, Christina Myrivili-Angelopoulou, and Marianthi Tsakou, the President of the “Aghia Fotini” Women’s Association of Sykamnia.

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