The Hot Springs at Polichnitos


The Hot Springs at Polichnitos are located on the banks of Almyropotamos River, one and a half km to the southeast of the homonymous town. These are regarded to be the hottest in Europe with temperatures ranging between 60° and 95° C. This temperature may be explained by the circulation of hot water below the earth’s surface, close to 400° C. The waters flow from 38 different springs through the volcanic and pumice rocks in the rainy season but their number are limited to ten in the dry season. However, the sodium chloride content of these hot springs is three time less than that of seawater. It is believed that there must be some seawater infusion at some point amounting to almost 30%. The lithium content of these springs is equally significant. The surrounding rocks through which these waters flow appear to have a yellowish-reddish color due to the sedimentation of iron oxides. Due to their chemical composition, the Polichnitos Hot Springs are recommended for the treatment of chronic rheumatoid arthritis, scrofula, skin conditions, lower back pain, muscle aches, uteritis, lymphatic system diseases and in general quite a few gynecological ailments.



Address: First km. of the Polichnitos-Vatera Road, Polichnitos Lesvos

Region Polichnitos

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