The Monastery of Leimon


The Monastery of Aghios Ignatios, better known the Monastery of Leimon on account of the presence of the surrounding valley (“leimon” in old Greek) was built 14 km northwest of Kalloni. According to tradition, the Monastery was founded in 1526 by Bishop of Mithymna Ignatios Angelianos (who was later sanctified), on the ruins of an older Byzantine monastery and was dedicated to the Archangel Michael. Its present name originates from its sanctified founder. The monastery complex includes monk cells, one oil press, a Church History Museum and approximately 42 chapels/prayer booths. The catholicon in the central courtyard is a three-aisled basilica. It was built in 1795 on the site of an older catholicon. Access to this monastery is allowed only to males. The iconography of the sacrarium wall paintings on the east side of the church is very interesting. The monastic cemetery lies outside the monastery walls. It contains many 16th century frescoes. In the west wing of the central courtyard priestly vestments are kept, each one an exquisite example of gold-thread weaving, altar doors, remnants from old wall paintings, portable icons, holy liturgical items, reliquaries and the monastery library. The museum also has one Gospel-book dating to the 9th century, patriarchal sigillia, firmans (decrees of the Ottoman sultan), etc.

Μονή Λειμώνος

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