The Monastery of the Pammegistoi Taxiarches at Mantamados


The Taxiarches Monastery is the protector and patron saint of Mantamados and the entire island. The Monastery of Pammegistoi Taxiarches is at close distance from Mantamados and one of the most venerated places of worship for Lesvians. This is a Byzantine monastery for monks according to a curator’s document of 1661.

The small 17th century chapel was replaced by a bigger one built in the 18th century and this one in turn by the present three-isled basilica church built in 1879. The monastery complex layout is the typical fortress-like church. The icon on the church’s proskynesis is one of the rare relief Christian Orthodox icons in existence. According to a legend, the monastery suffered a raid by Saracens marauders who went on to slaughter all monks except for one novice who managed to hide inside the church roof. From this vantage point he witnessed the slaughter and then he saw the vision of an Archangel hovering above the corpses. He took wax and blood-drenched soil and recorded the image of the Taxiarchis Angel as he saw it. This church celebrates on Myroforoi (Unguent Carrying Women) Sunday. This much revered sanctuary draws an immense appeal to hundreds of thousands of Orthodox worshipers who visit this monastery.

Ναός Αγίου Θεράποντος Μυτιλήνης

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