Αρχική 5 Touring 5 Riding a 4×4 Jeep

Riding a 4×4 Jeep

For the lovers of off-road adventures who want to get away from the usual experiences, there are off-road 4×4 vehicles in island regions with outstanding beauty, forest roads and slopes escorted by experienced drivers. The 4×4 excursions include stopovers at small traditional settlements so that the visitors may discover the local cuisine, history and the people in each locale. Furthermore, many tours are combined with various activities, such as archery, rock climbing, sea kayaking, hiking and guided tours through the attractions. The visitors may select to discover the secrets of the island in this way, having the opportunity to visit the hidden golden beaches, not accessible with any other vehicle, to follow rough paths though pine forests and olive tree groves and to admire the exceptional views of the Aegean sea, the Asia Minor shores all the way to Assos, from the tip of Mount Olympus.

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