Αρχική 5 Touring

Visitors can explore the island on foot or choose cycling, driving a 4×4 vehicle, a boat or even a small train! There are many ways to enjoy the rich natural beauty of Lesbos, its wonderful hinterland, its versatile coastline. Major reference points are the capital, Mytilene, in the east, Eresos in the west, Molyvos in the north, and Plomari in the south. Unforgettable excursions can be organised to meet the needs and interest of visitors.

Hiking aficionados can expect a wide network of way-marked trails of various levels of difficulty, which criss-cross the island and connect various sites of geological, cultural, religious, or ecological interests. Cycling fans can find not only the necessary infrastructure on the island but also a range of cycling routes through lush woods, olive groves and traditional villages on the highlands or along the shores. Alternatively, one can enjoy hidden beauties of the island by participating in off-road trips using 4×4 vehicles, driving along forest roads and reaching the most inaccessible spots. Another top experience is exploring Lesbos around the coastline: boats with a captain can be hired to give visitors the opportunity of diving into wonderful waters or accessing virgin, hardly known beaches, for a satisfying unforgettable tour. Finally, the small blue train can be used for an introduction to the sites of Molyvos and Petra, giving visitors the opportunity to discover two of the most attractive locations of the island using an unusual and comfortable means of transport.