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The Village Train

In the towns of Molyvos and Petra, the visitors have the opportunity to go sightseeing through some of the most scenic places, to explore the narrow streets of the traditional marketplace of Molyvos, to admire the imposing castle and to take a close look into the Holy Church of Panagia Glykophilousa (Sweet-Kissing Virgin Mary) in the center of Petra on a blue street train. This train-on-wheels makes eight stops. At two of these stops the visitors may buy tickets for this tour. There are two types of tickets: one is a round-trip ticket and may be used only once and another with unlimited rides, valid for one day.

Village Train
Telephone: (+30) 22530 72211
Region Mithymna
Address Poseidonos Str. and 17. Noemvriou Str., Molyvos, Lesvos, 81108

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