Eresos is especially known for its thick-skinned figs (“politika”). Many stremmata of cultivated fig trees may be found in the fertile Kambos Eresou. Most fig trees are owned by farmers. Such fig varieties such as Eresos figs, Aydinio figs and Prasinosykia Lesvou have been very popular since they were first cultivated uninterruptedly at ancient times. Households serve their guests figs dried, in their natural state, straight from the tree, stuffed with almonds or sprinkled with cinnamon and nutmeg. Figs are sun-dried in the old traditional way without sulfur treatment. Furthermore, many inhabitants process figs into a kind of marmalade or a kind of dense syrup (petimezi) with specially compact and intense taste (“vrasma” in the local dialect). Vrasma is used as the base for the baking of local cookies (“vrasmatoloukoumo”), very reminiscent with grape must cookies.