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Homemade Pasta

Lesvos has a rich gastronomic tradition. The visitor has the possibility to try unique tastes made of local ingredients processed with passion and love in Lesvian households or by small workshops or women’s cooperatives. The island also produces pasta of excellent quality such as the famous “hakhles” of Lesvos. Hakhla is a kind of boat-shaped trahana (dried dough) with a granular texture made of wheat and sheep’s milk. Besides trahana and hakhles there are many other types of pasta for the visitors while on the island, such as local cous-cous, orzo or Mesotopos fideo. Lesvian noodles (“giofkades”) are another local pasta dish made of sheep’s milk and eggs. The best season for the making of pasta is the summer, after the wheat harvest season for households to stock-up supplies for the winter months.