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The Kalloni Sardines

The sardines (papalines) of Kalloni Bay are considered to be the best sardines in Greece. This sardine, smaller in size and whitish in color, is different from the open sea sardine, a bigger and darker breed. Its special and full taste is due to the natural phenomenon of eutrophication, the ideal climatic conditions and the increased outflow of nutrients from rivers and streams with estuaries into Kalloni Bay. Kalloni Bay is regarded as one of the unique “natural” fish farms worldwide. The Kalloni sardines are heavily cured in salt for no more than 24 hours, whereas other fish and sardines need two to three days. When they are cooked and broiled they become light and crispy, the ideal meze to accompany Lesvian ouzo. Each year the Skala Kalloni locals cherish the Kalloni sardine with the Sardine Festival, where sardines are served boiled, cooked or cured.