Mithymna (Molyvos)


Μήθυμνα (Mόλυβος)

Mithymna is built at the northwestern extremity of the island, 46 m above sea level and 62 km from Mytilini. This is one of the oldest settlements and its names hails from Makara’s daughter by the same name, who according to mythological accounts was the first settler on the island.  This settlement was called Mithymna in antiquity and was renamed at the end of the Byzantine era to Molyvos. This settlement features incomparable natural beauty and intriguing architecture. The settlement is horseshoe-shaped topped by a Byzantine fort on the hill summit. This exquisite Mithymna landscape features cobblestone streets, imposing mansions (such as the mansions of Argyris Eftaliotis, Ilias Venezis, Krallis, etc.), all kinds of appealing shops and views to the wide-open blue sea.

Mithymna has many public fountains dating back to the Ottoman era adorned with relief inscriptions and decorations.

The parish churches are the characteristic buildings in this area, such as the Taxiarchis basilica, built in 1795 and Aghios Panteleimon, built in 1844 with many neoclassical influences. Other buildings of special interest are the Public Art Gallery (1961) and the City Hall Building housing the Archeological Collection and the Municipal Library. Molyvos was declared a traditional landmark settlement in 1965.


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