The Acropolis at Eresos


The Eresos Acropolis was built on top of a naturally fortified hill, called in antiquity Mastos and presently Vigla, on the southeast side of the modern settlement of Skala Eresou. Originally it was a small town that later on expanded outside the walls. Today parts of the ancient perimeter may still be seen just above the foot of the hill. During the Hellenistic era, the town spread out to the south of the initial perimeter towards the harbor vicinity. Fifteen more stremmata (3.7 acres) of buildings were added to the residential area and a new perimeter had to be built. Today, the medieval Genovese Gatelusi-era castle, recorded by the 14th century travelers, no longer survives save for a few ruins of one round and one later rectangular tower and a cistern. Through the years, the castle was subject to changes and extensions, in addition to wear and tear from its continuous use until the final occupation of Lesvos by the Ottomans in 1462.


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