The Ancient Theater of Mytilini


The Ancient Theater of Mytilini is located on the western side of the hill presently named Aghia Kyriaki, adjacent to the inland walls of the ancient city. Its orientation is eastward, with a panoramic view towards the city, the two ports and the Asia Minor coast. Its original phase dates back to the Early Hellenistic era, It is one of the most important architectural monuments of the ancient world, since according to Plutarch, it was copied by Pompey, thus serving as a prototype for all consequent Roman theaters. The ancient theater was wholly made of marble. Its cavea is horseshoe-shaped, dug into the volcanic rock measuring 107 m in diameter with a seating capacity of 10,000 spectators. Its cyclical orchestra was made of dirt, surrounded by a tall, stone wall clad with marble slabs and topped with inscribed marble slates. To the west of the orchestra there were barrel-vaulted chambers, dug into the rock cavea. The orchestra wall and two chambers were probably connected to the Roman era modification of the theater into an arena.   At that time one part of the cavea was torn down. The stage seems to have consisted of four spaces divided from one another by three corridors. Remnants of architectural elements demonstrate the presence of more buildings, terraces, altars, etc. on the theater premises. At present the ancient theater is open to the wider public as it hosts select cultural events.


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