The Church of Aghios Stephanos at Mantamados


The Church of Aghios Stephanos is located 10 km to the south of Mantamados at the location Palios. This is four-column cruciform inscribed church with a drum-like dome. Dating this church is difficult since on the basis of its morphology the church must be a work of the 13th century. The church dome collapsed in the mid-19th century and wooden beams had to be pegged to support a clay-tiled roof. Architectural elements of the older church and inscription are still visible in the walls. The church is small in size made of chiseled, rose-colored trachyte stones. To the east one may see the three semispherical apses above the altar, while blind apses adorn the north and south walls. Entrance into the church is done though the sole gateway on the west side of the narthex. The interior rough masonry walls are covered with a thick layer of lime mortar, while the floor is made of pebbles with a rich variety of decorative motifs.

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