The Mithymna Castle


The Mithymna Castle is the second biggest fortress in size and importance on Lesvos, located on the tip of the hill overlooking Molyvos. Its present state may mainly be traced back to the House of Gatelusi overlords, although many subsequent Ottoman additions and repairs and many subtle modern restorations were conducted with the same material and bonding agents. The Castle has an irregular trapezoid shape, each side measuring 70 m. It is built with reddish and brown trachyte. Its fortified perimeter is reinforced with ten square or round towers. On the northeastern side there is the acropolis (the vantage tower) with embattlements inside and outside. Access to the Castle is done through three consecutive gates (the Ottoman, the Genovese and the Byzantine) on the southwestern side. In its interior, on the south, there is a rectangular, vaulted building probably used as a gunpowder magazine or a prison. In the central and northern parts there are remnants of two rectangular buildings used as living quarters for the Ottoman guard. In the middle of the open-air space there are ruins of cistern dating to the castle’s Byzantine phase.

Throughout the years, many maintenance, preservation, support and restorations efforts were carried out, in order to improve visitor access. Today the Castle is a popular cultural event venue.


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