The Monastery of Pammegistoi Taxiarches Pithariou at Eresos


To the east of the town of Eresos one can visit the Monastery of Pammegistoi Taxiarches Pithariou. This monastery is better known as the Pithariou Monastery or just plain Pithari, due to the morphology of the surrounding terrain which resembles a big clay jar (“pithari” in Greek), on account of the hills and the ravine recess. In 2002 an artificial lake was created here improving majestically the landscape. The date of its founding goes back into the Byzantine era and was reconstituted in the Ottoman Period. In 1548 it is certain that it was open since it is recorded in an Ottoman register, specifying the taxation amount due by the Eresos region monasteries. Furthermore, it also referenced in another Ottoman register of the year 1709. For seven years it was operated as an ecclesiastical correctional facility until the World War II German occupation, but continued after liberation until 1964 in the same capacity again. In recent years, renovation and restoration projects in all buildings and spaces of the monastery have been taking place on the initiative and the personal work of many monks and priests of the diocese, led by the Metropolitan of Mytilini Iakovos himself. The catholicon, the monk cells and the courtyard were all rehabilitated, rebuilt and redecorated with absolute regard for the environment. A defense tower was also restored on the eastern part of the courtyard.

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