Baklava from Gera

This local baklava is offered in Gera at weddings and festive occasions.



2 kg. almonds, blanched and chopped

1 ½ kg. strudel leaves for baklava

½ kg. fresh butter

1 cup fine semolina flour

Whole cloves


For the syrup:

3 kg. sugar

16 cups water

½ tsp. citric acid



Step 1

Mix the chopped almonds with the semolina flour. Grease the pan for the baklava.

Step 2

Grease all strudel leaves one by one. Apply 4-5 leaves as the base and spread a handful of almonds. Top this with one more greased leaf and more almonds on top of this.

Step 3

Repeat this step until all almonds are gone. Apply 4-5 greased leaves on top of one another for the top layer.

Step 4

Cut the baklava in little piece and pierce each piece with one clove. Heat the remaining butter and pour it on top.

Step 5

Bake the baklava for 1 ½ hours in the oven at 150° C. All leaves must brown.

Step 6

Boil all syrup ingredients making sure this mix is the right consistency: not too sticky, not too watery. Pour on top of the baklava.