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Olive Oil – Olives

The history of the olive fruit in Lesvos goes back at least three thousand years. Olive verdant (“elaiophytos”) Lesvos of antiquity continued to produce olive oil for local consumption in the Byzantine times and during the House of Gateluso occupation. Olive tree cultivation was intensified in the Ottoman years. At present millions of olive trees thrive on Lesvos in unbroken groves with an area equaling 450,000 stremmata (approximately 120,000 acres). The predominance of olive cultivation has always been supported by the excellent climatic conditions and smooth season changes.

Due to its nutritional and biological properties, olive oil is α basic component of the local dietary habits. In particular, the locally produced olive oil is a unique oil in Greece. This may be attributed to the exceptional olive fruit variety grown on Lesvos compared to the rest of the country. In the south part of the island, close to Gera, the olive variety “kolovi” is grown, while in the north it is the “adramytini” variety; the first produces a milder tasting oil, whereas the latter is more intense. However, both are light and sweet, extremely fragrant and golden-colored.