Plomari is located on the island’s south shore, famous for its luxury soap and ouzo production. The Aghios Nikolaos Church is in the center of the town, built in 1847. The plane tree in the town’s central square is the local landmark planted in 1813 according to legend. This town stands out for its architecture and street planning, the great number of its industrial installations (olive oil presses, soap makers, dock yards, etc.). The famous ouzo production was initially done in small distilleries (the so-called “rakaria”). After the end of the 19th century liquor and soap manufactures were developed, becoming significant small industries capable of producing export quantities and yielding needed revenue for the entire island. There are more towns with traditional architecture and lush vegetation, such as Megalohori, Neohori, Akrasi, Plagia, Palaiohori and Ambeliko.

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