The Church of Panagia Trouloti at Pyrgoi Thermis


The Byzantine Church of Panagia Trouloti sits on the top of a hill in Pyrgoi Thermis. It dates to the 14th or 15th century. It was named Panagia Trouloti (or “Tourloti”, meaning domed) because it is rare specimen of domed churches with the image of Theotokos adorning its main dome instead of the Christ Pantocrator. It belongs to the typical four-pillar, cross-in-square church with a cylindrical dome. It is rather small in size, which necessitated its westward extension, thus augmenting its capacity for increased numbers of services  attendees. The northern side of the narthex was attached at a later date while a small exonarthex has not survived.

The exterior of the church is rather frugal, built from local materials with brick masonry with sparse elements of brick ornamentation limited to the windows. There are second-hand marble blocks built into the walls. An ancient inscription has been built into the wall on the left hand side of the entrance while the western side features two marble relief plaques depicting a scene with beasts fighting each other and a beast devouring a deer respectively.

The interior of the church was full of wall paintings in the past. Today only a small part of these murals survive, notably in the dome, some walls and the pillars, dating to 1650 according to an inscription.

Region Loutropoli Thermis

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